This story begins with You.

Honor Yourself, Honor Another.

Through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Community Conversations we can help the World and we can help You. The Honor Yoga Foundation offers online classes that empower, heal and inspire each of us to move closer to becoming our best selves, every day.

There has never been a more important time for people to come together in peaceful, healing and inspired practice than RIGHT NOW. This opportunity is for all who seek to practice Yoga, Meditation, and be a part of Community Conversations. Our “Honor Yourself, Honor Another.” is a declaration that lives at the heart of our mission. When you purchase a $38 membership with the Honor Yoga Foundation, you support our community in being able to support others through scholarship membership options. Imagine a better way forward for all of us, practicing yoga and meditation, together.

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Please, support yourself with a scholarship or as a paid monthly member with these life enhancing practices all through a community called Honor.
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